Willy De Boevere


Born in Gent (Belgium) in 1952.

During the 70' and 80' was active as a drummer and keyboard player in various bands.

Joined the photographers society "Het Spoor - Gent" in 1985.

Became, together with Roger De Vleeschouwer and Freddy Van Vlaenderen one of the driving forces in its succes.

Initially starded his photographical education at St. Lucas in Gent and completed it at the art academy in Wetteren.

My perspective.  You may see in this studio pictures, words and poëtry play an important role.  These series of pictures he calls "Imagery".  In them I feel he creates a dark atmosphere, an overwelming sence of loneliness, despare and isolation.  Frequently they are road vista's, maybe symbolising the journey we have to make and the fear we have to overcome.

Norway has provided the location for the rough nature pictures.  A series of pictures called "Heartland".  They are inspired by the music of "The sound" and in particual the melancholic words of frontman Adrian Borland.

Some of the original photos on this site are bromideprints printed on barite paper.  These photos were digitized using a Nikon Coolscan 9000.

Prints on Hahnemühle high-quality barite paper are available. All photos are signed and numbered from 1 to 10.

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