Willy De Boevere


Music has always been more important in my life than photography.  My father was a musician but once in a while he would take photographs with a Kodak Brownie camera with he printed with another amature photographer on glazed bariet paper.  This little box camera was as much part of home as was his piano.  I remember though I was more atracked to the piano than the little box.  So I was a late starter with photography.  I was 30 when I bought my first camera, a Canon AE-1 with a 50 mm objective, and although I did go to photo school in order to learn photography, in my heart music was my passion.  I have always found assignment photography difficult, To go out and produce a picture without emotion or where I can't capture the moment.  I find mechanical and soulless.

If I was asked what makes a good photograph, I would say it has to move me emotionally, to move me to ask questions.  To me, three stunning examples would be the late work of Robert Frank, pictures of the pain of loss and  the work of Jeff Cowen and Anders Peterson, a kind of rough photography which although gives anything but a safe feeling, certainly makes me think.

I really don't know if I am able to say I'm a photographer.  I don't create pictures with any documentary value and I don't wish to capture memories.  What I wish to do is create a story in pictures simular to a musician with a melody.

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